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Gabby Brennan can discuss issues related to what new parents must deal with - from nosy strangers to overly-helpful in-laws. We can develop stories specific to your outlet in addition to the suggested ideas below.

Outrageous Questions Asked of New Parents: Gabby can shock and amuse your audience with stories about what she has personally experienced, as well as those provided through her Web site by other new parents.


Tips for Fielding Unsolicited Advice: Everyone wants to give a new parent advice! How to stand up for yourself -- without offending.


If You've Got Great Advice, How To Give It: Can a new parent learn from others?  Sure.  But, what are the appropriate times to give advice -- and when should you keep your mouth firmly shut?


No More Pinched Cheeks! The Rights of Babies: Babies are not cute melons to be fondled and thumped! How can parents tell people to keep hands off? Gabby shares one-liners for shy and bold parents alike.


Five Drop-Dead Statements to Shut Them Up: A well-meaning relative doesn't deserve, "Put a sock in it!" But, a new parent also doesn't deserve to be subjected to everyone else's opinion of his parenting skills. Gabby shares 5 diplomatic, but firm, statements guaranteed to draw that line in the sand. 


Five Ways to Offend a New Parent: Perhaps they weren't meant to be unkind, but Gabby will share statements that are definitely offensive to new parents. 


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