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  1. Give us some examples of things you heard as a new parent that inspired gabbybaby.
  2. Why do people offer unsolicited advice to new parents? Aren’t they really just trying to help?
  3. gabbybaby T-shirts and onesies may be a parent’s first line of defense, but what if that doesn’t work? How can new parents respond to unsolicited advice?
  4. What is your advice to people who can’t resist offering their 2 cents to new parents? Is there a polite way to offer advice that hasn’t been asked for?
  5. How has founding gabbybaby empowered you as a Mom?
  6. People e-mail you their own stories of intrusive questions and unwanted advice. Can you give some examples?
  7. People love babies and love to touch them. How can you politely keep a stranger's hands off your child? What are the dangers of “touching” strangers?
  8. Right now gabbybaby features baby apparel, but you plan to expand from there. What future products are you considering? Where can people buy gabbybaby products?
  9. Why should you never ask a new mother if she is "working?"
  10. Why shouldn't you ask a new dad if he is "babysitting?"
  11. You've always been very straightforward, but some people are hesitant to stand up for themselves. What tips can you give shy parents who want to cut off unwanted parenting advice?
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