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About Gabby Brennan
Founder, gabbybaby®, Inc.


Gabby Brennan is founder of gabbybaby, Inc., a company that is re-defining the rules of conversation when it comes to new parents, pregnant women, and more. 


Broadcast Bio:

 What do you say when a stranger asks about your child’s conception or offers advice you didn’t request?  An energetic speaker, consultant, creative marketing expert, entrepreneur, and new Mom, Gabby Brennan, founder of gabbybaby, has defined and is defending the "unwritten rules" people should follow around new parents. Gabby stands up for parents, emerging as the one who is "saying everything parents wish they could say, but don't." Currently, gabbybaby is expressed through a line of baby and children's apparel, answering some questions up front while politely asking family, friends, and strangers to "mind their own business."  Welcome, Gabby.


Full Bio:

An energetic speaker, consultant, creative marketing expert, seasoned event planner, and entrepreneur, Gabby Brennan is founder and CEO of gabbybaby, Inc., a unique company founded upon and devoted to advocating for new parents. Joining the ranks of popular “conversation” apparel, gabbybaby items “speak” to people on behalf of new parents – truly defining what moms gab about™.


Gabby’s background includes 12 years of Sports and Entertainment Marketing along with non-traditional and traditional marketing. After graduating from The American University in Washington, DC, Gabby launched her career in Sports Marketing. While living in Atlanta, she worked on the event and hospitality aspects for corporate sponsors and official organizing committees for high profile sporting events, including the Olympic Games.


After the Atlanta Olympics, Gabby moved to Portland, Oregon, to manage the Athlete Services and Hospitality for the NIKE World Masters Games. In 1997 Gabby moved to Tokyo, Japan, to direct the sponsorship efforts of Matsushita (Panasonic) Corporation and the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan. After Nagano Gabby moved back to Atlanta to direct the Arby’s & Coca-Cola Charity Tour, a national effort involving a high profile, media-driven, mobile marketing vehicle and a series of golf tournaments designed to raise money for Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. After a successful tour, Gabby left Atlanta and joined ESPN in Bristol, CT. Gabby managed marketing, promotions, and events for ESPN, focusing on providing value to ESPN’s cable affiliates nationwide.


After meeting her husband at ESPN and joining him in Boston, Gabby spent time consulting for various Gillette businesses and directing promotional efforts for the popular video game company, Atari.

Throughout her career, Gabby has also appeared on network television and various local radio stations as a spokesperson for various initiatives.

Gabby lives with her husband, Kevin, and their daughter, 2-year-old Brooke, in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

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